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The peacock, 1936

The peacock, 1936
The peacock, 1936
Galanis Dimitris
(Athens 1879-Paris 1966)
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Coloured wood-engraving
Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis

For the annual Liste des Grands Vins Fins catalogue of the Nicolas firm for 1938, Galanis undertook the illustration of an advertising brochure of 52 pages. It was one of the artist's most imaginative creations in the sphere of illustration, since the individual nature of the brochure and its size gave him the opportunity of illustrating almost every page. Seven full-page woodcuts were created: the cover, five for the beginnings of the sections, and a double page for the middle of the publication, together with five vignettes, five footers, decorative bands, and small ornamentations. Still Life with Hare and Deer in the section on Bordeaux Rouges, Peacock on the central double page, Still Life with Lobster and Fish in the Bordeaux Blancs section