Educational Workshops for children

Organized guided tours for schools and groups take place by appointment, as well as every Friday and Saturday at one o'clock in the afternoon, where guided tours for the public take place. This is a "route" to the permanent exhibition of the Gallery, which consists of about 250 paintings, sculptures and engravings of important Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century (Gyzi, Lytra, Volanaki, Iakovidis, Malea, Morali, etc.) through which the course and the main trends of modern Greek art are captured. 

The Museum places strong emphasis on the educational programs that accompany the permanent and temporary exhibitions, which complement its operation and fulfill its mission.

There are educational pamphlets, CDs and games, videos and creative activities that help familiarize visitors with the works in the collection. These aids are also available to the teacher for use in the classroom to prepare for a visit or to augment the material.

The educational programs that accompany the Art's Workshop also organize talks by visiting teachers, host well-known artists in Metsovo, and facilitate learning exchanges with children from other regions of Greece.

To fulfill its mission to foster contact and the exchange of ideas among local teachers, the Museum organizes regular meetings to discuss and share information, as well as seminars on art and aesthetic cultivation.