The Creative Encounters

The institution of “Creative Encounters” began in September 1995, when four well-known artists were invited to spend a week in Metsovo. During that time, they became familiar with the culture and sights of the region, found inspiration and created new works, exhibited their art in the Museum, participated in open discussions with the public, and led art workshops with the local children.

The success of this trial endeavor led to the establishment of a biannually recurring institution. Each “Encounter” would involve different artists, different workshops, talks, discussions, and events with the children, but the aim would always entail the public’s creative encounter with art and the lively exchange between the artist, his/her work, and the public.

To date, the following artists have participated in “Creative Encounters”: Manolis Zacharioudakis, Opy Zouni, Christos Karas, Niki Kanagini, Michalis Katzourakis, Michalis Manousakis, Maria Maroudi, Kostas Paniaras, Titika Salla, Pavlos Samios, Sotiris Sorongas, Takis Stefanou, and Manolis Charos.

The children’s workshops they led included courses on painting, printmaking, how to handle materials, photography with digital manipulation, and theatrical production with set design, costume making, videotaping of performance, etc.

The aim of the institution is the creative meeting of art and the public, the lively conversation between the creator, his work and the public.