Art Workshop

The Art's Workshop has operated since September 1995 in a specially designed space in the heart of the Museum. The Workshop’s regularly scheduled creative programs are geared primarily towards the children of the region, who participate free of charge in structured series of sessions.

The aim of these lessons is to provide local children with the opportunity to get to know the Museum’s collections, to have contact with art, to experiment with materials and techniques, to express themselves, and to experience the joy of creating.

The guided tour program for school groups also offers short courses on artistic expression tailored to the children’s specific ages and needs. The Workshop space also mounts exhibitions of art by the children who have participated in the Museum program or of art by children from other parts of Greece or from abroad.

The educational programs that accompany the Art’s Workshop also organize talks by visiting teachers, host well-known artists in Metsovo, and facilitate learning exchanges with children from other regions of Greece.

To fulfill its mission to foster contact and the exchange of ideas among local teachers, the Museum organizes regular meetings to discuss and share information, as well as seminars on art and aesthetic cultivation.

The operation of the Art Workshop started in 1995.