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Seated nude, 1925-30?

Seated nude, 1925-30?
Seated nude, 1925-30?
Galanis Dimitris
(Athens 1879-Paris 1966)
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Drawing in red chalk
Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis
The drawings by Galanis belonging to the collection of the Averoff Gallery consist of four compositions with nudes and a Portrait of the Artist's Granddaughter. The collector Takis Tsamis, who gave 82 works to the Gallery in 1997, states that his long-lasting friendship with Galanis dated from 1949. His preference for drawings explains the large number of them in his collection – amounting to 150 – most of them executed in sanguine (haematite) and with a nude as the subject. The Gallery's drawings must belong to the same chronological period, and in the light of the date '1949' on one of the seated nudes, must all have been produced at that time. The fact that Galanis did not sign – or date, for that matter – his drawings, and exhibited them rarely gives rise to certain problems, particularly when the drawings cannot be associated with his pictures or engravings. These drawings, with the typical free curving line and the opportunities provided by the dense texture of the sanguine, form an interesting stage between an anonymous nude and a portrait of a nude woman, as Galanis insisted particularly on the rendering of the individual features of a face.