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The Monastery of the Grand Lavra, 1922

The Monastery of the Grand Lavra, 1922
The Monastery of the Grand Lavra, 1922
Kogevinas Lykourgos
(Corfu 1887 - Athens 1940)
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Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis
Chilandari Monastery and Megiste Lavra Monastery come from the album Le Mont Athos with 12 loose-leaf copper engravings and a foreword by the Byzantinist Charles Diehl (publ. Á la Belle Édition, Paris 1922) and are Figs VII and X of the album, respectively. The subjects were collected by Kogevinas on a visit to Mount Athos in 1918. From the host of the drawings made on this visit, many of the pictures produced in the five years which followed resulted - and in particular the album, which was among the first on the subject of Byzantine Greece and was brought out in Paris. After the publication of the 225 copies of the album, the artist printed a further 50 copies as single sheets, elaborated by further techniques. His interest was not confined to a topographical description of the monasteries but extended to a rendering of the particularly rich flora of the region (Chilandari Monastery), and to an account of the life of the monks (Megiste Lavra Monastery).