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The Acropolis, c.1915

The Acropolis, c.1915
The Acropolis, c.1915
Kogevinas Lykourgos
(Corfu 1887 - Athens 1940)
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Oil on canvas

In Acropolis, the lines of thought of the artist on the trends and influences which he taken on from the post-Impressionists, whom he had got to know on his frequent visits to Paris, on the depiction of landscapes are apparent. However, the theatrical, anti-naturalistic lighting of the monument associates it with the its cultural charge - one of particular importance - thus sensitising memories of the symbolic employment of a golden light which make reference to the paintings of European travellers, with their strongly Romantic, lyrical mood. The depiction of ancient monuments, and particularly of the Acropolis at Athens, accounts for a large part of the subject-matter of Kogevinas, just as it was at the same time a customary theme of the painters who belonged within the historical and Hellenocentric ideological framework of the inter-War years.