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Portrait of George M. Averoff

Portrait of George M. Averoff
Portrait of George M. Averoff
Parthenis Constantinos
(Alexandria 1878 - Athens 1967)
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Oil on canvas
The Portrait of George M. Averoff shows the George Averoff who was the nephew of the national benefactor and a close associate of Eleftherios Venizelos. The portrait must have been painted a little before or a little after the death of George M. Averoff; this can be concluded from the date of death of the subject, and from the stylistic approach of the artist. Parthenis, who was honoured by the democratic governments, continued to enjoy recognition and his established position as official artist of the progressive upper middle class throughout the 1930s, and even after the imposition of the Metaxas dictatorship. With his personal style now fully formed, he shows George M. Averoff in bust, standing out in the oval frame designed by the artist. Simple and diaphanous colours which spiritualise the picture's content, and a clear-cut and simplified design, which towards the end of the decade became more angular, serve the idealistic anti-realistic depiction of the subject, who is virtually identified with the background, which plays a dominant role. It should perhaps also be noted that the oval frame which surrounds the portrait functions as a 'nimbus', with the purpose of stressing the personality of the subject.