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Portrait of George Averoff, 1896

Portrait of George Averoff, 1896
Portrait of George Averoff, 1896
Parthenis Constantinos
(Alexandria 1878 - Athens 1967)
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Oil on canvas
The Portrait of George Averoff is a work from Parthenis's student days, produced a little before leaving Alexandria for Vienna. At just 18 years of age, the artist had acquired a solid training and knowledge of the art of painting - knowledge which he most probably gained from his teacher Annibale Scognamiglio. It was perhaps he who proposed that Parthenis should paint the portrait of the national benefactor George Averoff, since Scognamiglio was well known as a painter among the Greek community of Alexandria. It is not impossible that the portrait was not commissioned by the great benefactor, since we know that the Parthenis family had no particular connections with the Greeks of Alexandria, but rather a simple exercise by the student, based on a photograph. This photograph of George Averoff was in wide circulation, having been published in magazines of the period, and it is this which was reproduced by other artists in portraits of him - such as that by Pavlos Prosalentis, who painted the large portrait in the Averoff Gallery.