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Monastery, 1913

Monastery, 1913
Monastery, 1913
Hatzis Vasileios
(Kastoria 1870 - Athens 1915)
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Oil on cardboard
The work Monastery, which is dated 1913, and must have been produced shortly before his death, could be said to define the breadth of the oeuvre of a painter who, having started out from the conventional framework of the academic approach, turned towards a kind of painting in which light and colour play the leading roles. In the last years of his life, Hatzis developed a form of landscape painting which can be placed within the open-air trends of his time, with strong colour and viscous brush-strokes - juxtaposed in zones, within the context of an Expressionism whose messages were reaching him from Munich. We should not, perhaps, overlook the influence of the painter Yorgos Bouzianis, who was a close friend of Hatzis.