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Ship in a storm, 1896

Ship in a storm, 1896
Ship in a storm, 1896
Hatzis Vasileios
(Kastoria 1870 - Athens 1915)
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Oil on canvas
Τhe work Ship in a Storm belongs among the artist's early creations, as can be seen from the date. It was natural that his apprenticeship with Constantinos Volanakis during his time as a student at the Athens School of Fine Arts should have influenced the young painter, not only as to his subject-matter, but also as regards style and the manner of organising the composition. Thus his early works - often of large dimensions - are marked by an academic approach to the rendering of the subject and a realistic direction in the depiction of the scenes. Later, Hatzis was to involve himself in explorations of the influence of light on the rendering of objects in the open air which were purely personal experiences, given that he never travelled abroad.