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The delta of Escau river

The delta of  Escau river
The delta of Escau river
Pantazis Pericles
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Oil on wood

A series of works which Pantazis produced in the environs of Brussels on the banks of the rivers Lesse, Meuse, and Escaut or in the areas around Brussels shows how the artist apprehended the depiction of the landscape in an in situ rendering of a constant 'process' in nature, which manifests itself through the truth of colours, the variation of light, subjection to constant movement, and flux. In the work The Delta of Escau river Escaut, it is the mobile games of the light in the dull sky of the North which penetrates the golden clouds and is reflected in the waters of the river, painting them gold. It is by means of thick bright paint on the clouds or the waters that he attempts to render the flux of the landscape, while the deep green of the trees has become almost brown in the warm tones of the light.