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Still life with a woman

Still life with a woman
Still life with a woman
Pantazis Pericles
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Oil on canvas

The adoption of new approaches led him at a very early stage to new patterns of composition, in which the human figure occupies a dominant place. Through the new style which realism brought with it, linking, as it did, the greatness of human existence with the poetry of simple everyday things, he introduces the human form into still life, on equal terms and as a self-sufficient presence. And if in some of his works he incorporates depictions of children of a marked genre painting character, in Still life with a woman, he distances himself from any disposition towards the anecdotal in the presentation of the female figure, which he places simply at the end of the table, serious and with a certain grandeur in carrying out her domestic task. In contrast with the complicated combination of goods which accumulate on the table - game, a lobster, vegetables, ham - the artist prefers to give the woman a calm unaffected stance, thus extolling the magnificence of everyday activity, which he stresses by the monochrome surfaces by means of which he renders her sturdy figure.