VOLANAKIS Konstantinos (1837-1907) “Volos Harbor”

Volos Harbor

Volanakis` relationship to the city of Volos and the Pelion peninsula is known from his biographies. The Emporikos Company in Trieste, where he worked as an accountant from 1856, was owned by Georgios Afentoulis, a native of Zagora in Pelion. Moreover, Volanakis` wife, whom he married in 1875, was the niece of Fanis Afentoulis. In painting in the Averoff Museum – one of his many versions on the theme – Volanakis offers an evening view of Volos Harbor, where moonlit strollers enjoy their outing walking along the quay or riding in carriages. On the left, a horse-drawn wagon moves along the tracks, while a large ship commands the sea with several smaller ones on its left. The primary roles in the composition are played by the ships; bathed in moonlight, they display the meticulous detail to which Volanakis turned in his `ship-portraits.` Although the palette is limited because of the nighttime, the sharp contrast between the dark and the moonlit areas give the work a romantic quality and tranquility often encountered in Volanakis` seascapes.