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The woodcutter

The woodcutter
The woodcutter
Pappas Yannis
(Constantinople 1913 - Athens 2005)
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The statues The Stockbreeder and The Woodcutter, which Pappas created specially for the open-air part of the Metsovo Gallery, stand like two eternal sentinels, rooted to the spot in the Museum's forecourt. Free from decorative features and with the form and the clothing simplified, they give emphasis to the manner and the character of the local men. These two works mark the sculptor's last period, which was characterised by simplicity, realism, and strong expressiveness. Particular attention was also paid to the study of the surrounding space, so that the sculptures would be suitably adapted. The artist chose to give his open-air sculptures a static character which frees them from violent movements, as he thought befitted them. Throughout his career as a creative artist, the starting-point for Yannis Pappas was the human figure, which was for him "an inexhaustible source of emotions and knowledge". His work manifests a conscious effort to remain representational, while at the same time it bears witness to the obvious influences of contemporary European movements and of the ancient Greek and Egyptian models which he had studied.