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From the series " My Ghosts" (1994)

From the series " My Ghosts" (1994)
From the series " My Ghosts" (1994)
Papayannis Thodoros
(Elliniko, Ioannina 1942)
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Wood from the charred relics of the Polytechneio and other recyclable materials
Gift of the artist

The catastrophic damage done at the Polytechneio (Athens Technical University) during the 17 November anniversary of 1993, supplied and continues to supply the sculptor with an emotional charge, as well as with an unlimited quantity of charred remains, which he has used up to the present in his artistic creation.
The sculpture is a part of the series “My Ghosts”, mythical beings which have risen up from the ashes of the Polytechneio and he himself has called his “Ghosts”. With the charred wood from the right-hand wing of the Polytechneio serving as a backbone, he produced this scarecrow – among others – savage bent figure which stand like sentries to protect what has remained of this learning.
This scarecrow take the symbolic form of the benefactors of Metsovo, who supported culture and education in Greece by their generosity.