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The Paraportiani on Mykonos, 1937

The Paraportiani on Mykonos, 1937
The Paraportiani on Mykonos, 1937
Moschos Yiorgos
(Alexandroupoli 1906 – Athens 1990)
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Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis
Yiorgos Moschos concerned himself almost exclusively with engraving. The Paraportiani on Mykonos and his Skyros Jug, apart from anything else, bear witness to his interest in subjects drawn from the Greek landscape, for which he always showed a preference. In both cases an effort has been made to combine the depiction of a settlement (Chora on Skyros) or a monument (the Paraportiani) with some additional features which add an extra dimension. The decorated earthernware jug on a ledge serves as a starting-point for the development of the picture of the village through the window. Similarly, the figures in black which flank the Church of the Paraportiani, drawn in detail, have been depicted in summary form and are there only to add the element of human presence to the composition. Thus both works take on an additional narrative content, which makes them more legible.