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Untitled, 1993

Untitled, 1993
Mortarakos Kyriakos
(Athens 1948)
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Mixed media
70Χ50X10 εκ.
Δωρεά του καλλιτέχνη

The two Untitled works in the Averoff Gallery, dating from 1993, are wall-mounted. In these, the texture of the painting, the lines, and the real objects incorporated render, with a minimalist disposition and the use of a very few items, the experimental quests in art of the specific moment. Throughout the course of his explorations in art, this artist, both in terms of painterly values or the incorporation of various relief objects into his works for wall-mounting or his constructions, as well as his other creations, which in recent years have expanded spatially, has, by suggestive hints, posed simple questions to the beholder, ideas which stem from experience, life lived, and his personal observation. The manner in which he handles these simple ideas in his works makes them original and significant products of an authentic conceptual art.