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The Port of Volos, c. 1890

The port of Volos, c. 1890
The port of Volos, c. 1890
Volanakis Constantinos
(Irakleio 1837 - Piraeus 1907)
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Oil on canvas

In the work The Port of Volos, one of the many variations on this theme, Volanakis gives us a picture of the harbour by night, in which strollers in the moonlight enjoy their a visit to the quay, either on foot or in carriages. On the left at the top, a horse-drawn wagon moves on the lines, while at sea, a large ship dominates the scene, with a few smaller ones on the left. A leading role in the composition is played by the depictions of the vessels, as - bathed in the light of the moon - they bring out the detailed description to which Volanakis resorted for the rendering of his 'shipscapes'. In spite of the fact that the colour scale is limited because it is night, the sharp contrast between dark and moonlit parts gives a Romantic character to the work and a calmness which is often encountered in his seascapes.