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Pindus and Metsovo, 1971

Pindus and Metsovo, 1971
Pindus and Metsovo, 1971
Papanakos Panos-Ioannis
(Thessaloniki 1930 - Athens 1999)
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Gift of the Board for the Disposition of the Work of P.Papanakos
In Papanakos's works, usually of small dimensions, his feelings - whatever moved him, his love for man and his environment - are recorded lyrically and expressionistically, in a style which is reminiscent of children's drawings and the Naifs. In colours which are either bright or dark and dull, on well organised surfaces with clear outlines and sometimes with swift brush-strokes, and with a marked movement and rotation, he releases his strongly felt inner self, on occasion resorting to distortion. In Pindus and Metsovo, the mountains appear in the background in dull colours, as do most of the houses, while a clump of trees on the left relieves the gloom of the picture.