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Erotiko, 1989

Erotiko, 1989
Erotiko, 1989
Moralis Yannis
(Arta 1916-Athens 2009)
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Acrylic on canvas
Gift of the artist
Moralis’s Erotiko, which is dated 1988, belongs to the period when the artist's quests had now consistently taken the direction of geometrical abstraction. The organisation of the space and of the figures, articulated according to the inviolable rule of order and rhythm, the strict alternation of geometrical patterns and the exceptionally sparing use of colours, is not the result of a cold, cerebral process, but of a profound inner working which lends to the human figure a magnificent calm and completeness. Devoid of any loquacity or explosion of the emotions, stripped of useless details and superfluous repetitions, Moralis's compositions transform into spirit, reduce to essence, and endow with sanctity familiar and deeply personal moments.