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A country, 1959

A country, 1959
A country, 1959
Kontopoulos Alekos
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Donated by Marcelle Al. Kontopoulos

A Country, in which, within an abstract composition, it is just possible to make out an ancient temple on the top of a hill with a bright blue at the base which is reminiscent of the calm sea, is in all probability what the art critic Raoul-Jean Moulin analysed in an article published in Lettres Françaises on the occasion of Kontopoulos's exhibition at the Creuse Gallery in Paris in 1959. " ... Alekos Kontopoulos attempts to gain by a allusive depiction the absolute freedom to depict better the inner structure, thus succeeding in rendering the power of a colour lyricism which leads him to the discovery of the transparency of 'A Country' in expressing its power".