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The Atelier, 1927

The Atelier, 1927
The Atelier, 1927
Vyzantios, Periklis
(Athens 1893 - Athens 1972)
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Oil on canvas
The Atelier shows the facade of his workshop in the Plaka district of Athens, where he lived for eight years (1920 - 1928). The depiction of the place where the 'Atelier' group of artists was born is the product of a fruitful marriage of the experiences which he gained in Paris and of his research into the rendering of the Greek countryside. The picture is organised in stylised forms which shape zones, while the colour takes on a particularly material nature, as it is positioned with broad, full brush-strokes. Its intensity, in spite of the lyrical tones, which perhaps suggest the hour of twilight, is reminiscent of the particular entity which light had in the works of the Nabi artists.