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The Acropolis, after 1920

The Acropolis, after 1920
The Acropolis, after 1920
Cheimonas Nikolaos
(Efpatria, Crimea 1866 - Skyros 1929)
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Oil on wood

In Acropolis, the Sacred Rock, the Anafiotika district, and, in the background, the Philopappus hill are depicted. This is one of the finest views of the Acropolis ever to have been painted and must have been produced immediately after Cheimonas's arrival in Greece in 1920, when the use of colour in his works was heavier. The excellent perspective permits the beholder to capture the appearance of the area at the time when the work was executed. The artist renders the dark green masses of the foliage of the trees which surround the Acropolis, as it stands radiant and bathed in light, by small, abrupt brush-strokes.