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Where away, where away is the fox rushing off today?

Where away, where away is the fox rushing off today?
Where away, where away is the fox rushing off today?
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In reference to the preparations of Metsovo women for getting ready all the necessities for men to leave for winter and deal with the harsh winter conditions through long months, Indoors sit on the ground and prepare a large bundle. In evoking the Metsovites who left for winter, the teamwork here reflects the group’s own bonding. The four women collect into the bundle various things they would carry with them, symbolically, experientially; as they explain, ‘We fill the bundle with all that each of us carries in her soul – memories, desires, loves, and traumas.’ The little house that Mary throws away is a gesture of defiance about the notion of the hearth. Vally’s little bed was inspired by the former living conditions, with everyone sleeping together – girls, women, children, the elderly, in stark, windowless rooms. Marigo places into the bundle old family photo albums from the 1900s, used letters, envelopes and stamps ready to post. Spiridoula adds a goat kid, as she has always loved animals; she covers it with a sweater for protection against the cold. They close the bundle with black cloth, adding all kinds of items, blankets, cotton pillow filling, scissors and a knife; they tie it up, enclosing a story. Mary makes a yellow sun against the white background, alluding to hope, joy, optimism. The tie and closure symbolise that Indoors also act as a team and a collective.

After this reference to the harsh living conditions comes symbolic optimism in the form of a children’s song, and all four of them begin a traditional dance.

The unexpected shift from a reference to the harsh old times in the region to cotemporary indulgence is an exciting surrealistic element in their performance.