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Family Tree, 2019

Family Tree, 2019
Family Tree, 2019
Zafeiropoulos Theodoros
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Digital UV print on glass, collage, oil, acrylic
Gift of the artist

Along with other participating artists, Zafeiropoulos visited Metsovo and observed the unique terrain and nature of the region; he conceived his work by serendipity. In the area above Katogi, in a dense forest of fir trees, an unexpected image made an indelible impression on him. Among the fir trees, he saw a disposed Christmas tree, and this sparked the idea to depict the Averoff family tree in the great outdoors, on the trees of the benefactor’s homeland. Thus, the artist created a palimpsest, using many layers of materials and techniques, combining the wild nature of the region with Evangelos Averoff’s family tree, based on a handwritten journal entry. He photographed the specific location, made a digital UV print on glass, also using collage, acrylic paints, and oils to capture the landscape. The acrylic and oil painting depicts fragmentary images of different Metsovo landscapes.
This elaborate work, titled Family Tree, masterfully combines painting, digital printing on glass and collage, in a thematic play on an association between the disposed Christmas tree and the family tree of the Metsovo benefactor, matching trees with names. Measuring 100 x 120 cm, the digital collage projects the chart of the Averoff family tree on the trees. The names are drawn on the trees like tattoos, green in the foreground, and black and white in the background.
The work was created especially for the group anniversary exhibition “Lands of Creation, A tribute to Metsovo”, which was inaugurated at the E. Averoff Museum in 2019.