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Goat's skull, 2002

Goat's skull, 2002
Goat's skull, 2002
Kofidi Chrysanthi
(Athens 1978)
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Wire clothesline, eight picture frames with collages of various materials, paint. Variable dimension, eight frames
Variable dimension, eight frames 15X30
Gift of the artist
The goat's skull is a perfect archetypal form, a form of nature which is based on the harmony and symmetry of its shape. Harmony with a periodicity of symmetry which we find in nature, shapes of beings with perfect geometricity, like the shell of a tortoise, a seashell, the remains of a sea-urchin. In spite of the artist's youth, the reminder of memento mori, of a natural evolution of beings in the Epirus region is effected in a simple manner, without dramatic features, stressing chiefly the plasticity of the form. The work was created for the exhibition 'Mapping out today, tomorrow, yesterday' held at the Averoff Museum of Modern art, at Metsovo in 2002.