"Visual Art Interventions On The Bear Trail"

E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo
22/08/2015 - 15/09/2015, Temporary exhibition
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Now for the second year, the Averoff Gallery continues our productive collaboration with the sculptor and professor George Houliaras and a team of graduates and undergraduates from the Athens School of Fine Arts, culminating in a series of visual-artistic interventions along the short mapped trail in the bear habitat. These visual-art interventions in simple, environmentally friendly materials on selected areas on the forest trail aim to show off the natural beauty of the landscape and to explore the relationship of sculpture with the surrounding forest area.
Participating artists: George Houliaras, professor of Sculpture, Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA); Andreas Arapakis, ASFA graduate; Spyros Lisgaras, ASFA graduate; Leandros Dolas, ASFA graduate; Ilias Tsolis, ASFA student; Antonis Halyvidis, ASFA student.
During their residence at Metsovo between 22 August and 11 September 2015, the artists produced and installed their works in the forest. This was an open sculpture workshop, which provided an opportunity for visitors and children groups of different ages to experience first-hand the process of art production and to talk with the artists.
The project was inaugurated on the Politsora site in the forest on Saturday 12 September 2015.
Also organised was Ursa Night Trail – a night training and trekking event starting from the Metsovo main square and finishing at the site of the sculpture exhibition in the forest, where a variety of events took place.