"Open Sculpture Workshop: Working in Space"

E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo
21/08/2010 - 07/12/2010, Temporary exhibition
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During the Summer-Fall period of 2010, the Averoff Museum in Metsovo organized an artistic production centered around a sculpture exhibition and open-air workshops with the general title “Working in Space: Open Sculpture Workshop”.
The sculptors who participated were Theodoros Papayiannis, Kyriakos Rokos and Giorgos Houliaras. They were chosen due to the overall significance of their work,  their contribution to the field of sculpture, as well as their common origin from the region of Epirus.

The artists, each of whom has been on the art scene in Greece for more than 40 years, were meeting at the Averoff Museum in order to carve works in front of the public and to exhibit representative groups from their work.
With the promotion and enhancement of Greek sculpture as a shared vision, Theodoros Papayiannis, Kyriakos Rokos and Giorgos Houliaras already have connections with one another from the past and careers which have often intersected.
This event constituted the Museum’s first Fall event dedicated exclusively to sculpture, introducing a new dimension to the activities of the Museum and offering a unique and interactive voyage into the realm of creativity and sculpture.