Masterpieces of Modern Greek Art

Ε. Averoff Museum, Metsovo
Permanent exhibition
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The permanent exhibition displays a selection of 250 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and engravings by the foremost Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century: Gyzis, Tsokos, Doukas, Bokatsiambis, Rallis, Xydias, Pantazis, Volanakis, Prosalentis, Altamouras, Hatzis, Lembesis, Iakobides, Sabbides, Roilos, Parthenis, Maleas, Economou, Geralis, Germenis, Aravantinos, Flora-Karavia, Vyzantios, Kogevinas, Tsingos, Spyropoulos, Kontopoulos, Nikolaou, Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas.

In the museum’s five exhibition rooms the visitor can see the history of Greek art and its main trends brought up to the present day through the work of contemporary artists, such as Malamos, Moralis, Botsoglou, Moustakas, Paniaras, Prekas, Sorongas, Sperantzas, Tetsis, Fasianos, Charos and others.
In addition to the museum’s permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions are organized with works from other museums and private collections. The themes of the exhibitions vary and may cover specific aspects or periods of Greek art, retrospective or group exhibitions on the work of artists and other themes of interest. The goal is to renew and enrich the museum’s collections with material that is interesting and stimulating to the general public.