"Creative Encounters: M. Katzourakis, P. Kliafa, V. Gerodimos, Metamorphoses of Matter"

E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo
21/10/2017 - 15/01/2018, Temporary exhibition
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Three artists, three new sculpture installations in the mountains of Metsovo, three concurrent solo exhibitions at the Averoff Art Gallery, another Creative Encounter, in spite of the times, thanks to the enthusiastic response of Michalis Katzourakis, Peggy Kliafa and Vassilis Gerodimos.
Retrospective in nature, the Katzourakis exhibition featured paintings and sculptures, drawings and preliminary studies, photographs and videos from the
expansive spectrum of work by this multifaceted artist; in two discreet sections, the younger Gerodimos and Kliafa each showed their own personal and distinctive work of the last few years.
CURATOR: Lina Tsikouta-Deimezi
DURATION: 21 October 2017 – 15 January 2018
SPONSORS: Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation, Katogi Averoff SA