"Creative Encounters: M. Katzourakis, P. Kliafa, V. Gerodimos, Metamorphoses of Matter"

E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo
21/10/2017 - 15/01/2018, Temporary exhibition
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Three artists, three new sculpture installations in the mountains of Metsovo, three concurrent solo exhibitions at the Averoff Art Gallery, another Creative Encounter, thanks to the enthusiastic response of Michalis Katzourakis, Peggy Kliafa and Vassilis Gerodimos.

The encounter of the three artists is based on the quality and unmistakable originality of their output. The exhibition title, Creative Encounters 2017 – Michalis Katzourakis, Peggy Kliafa, Vassilis Gerodimos – Metamorphoses of Matter clearly reflects the concept. This year’s edition of the Averoff Art Gallery’s Creative Encounter is a conversation in interaction among three artists of different generations who share a distinctive, personal, original, and selective use of their respective media.

Three exhibitions at the Averoff Art Gallery feature representative works by each artist.
For Michalis Katzourakis (1933), this is a selective and representative retrospective exhibition. The exhibition comprises some 48 works, in sections spanning the entire production of the pioneering artist from 1950 to date. It may seem strange, yet Michalis Katzourakis’s works always take as their starting point a visual stimulus; they are always in reference to the environment. The artist seeks to capture an abstract, geometric environment. Throughout the evolution of his work, we observe a minimalist, geometric research that focuses on material texture and the tactile essence of the composition.

Peggy Kliafa (1967) and Vassilis Gerodimos (1977) each show ten representative works from their recent production, after graduating from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Peggy Kliafa pleasantly surprises by using pills and pharmaceutical blisters as the building blocks of her works. Vassilis Gerodimos also surprises, by his selective and thoughtful combination of antithetical materials. Apart from the conceptual framework, their works impress in terms of technical excellence, formal, and aesthetic completeness.

CURATOR: Lina Tsikouta-Deimezi
DURATION: 21 October 2017 – 15 January 2018
SPONSORS: Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation, Katogi Averoff SA