Benaki Museum/Pireos 138: E. Averoff Art Gallery Collection – The Portrait of a Museum

Benaki Museum
30/03/2009 - 10/05/2009, Temporary exhibition
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A follow-up to the highly successful show held in winter 2008 at the Averoff Gallery in Metsovo and inaugurated by the President of the Hellenic Republic, Karolos Papoulias, which marked a double anniversary: the 20th anniversary of the Gallery’s inauguration and the centennial of the birth of its founder, Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza.

The Benaki Museum exhibition was a milestone in the 20-year history of the Averoff Gallery in Metsovo: Important works from the permanent display went on public view in Athens for the first time, many of which had never been outside the walls of the Gallery. Beyond presenting “the portrait of a museum”, the exhibition aimed to be an important art event, offering visitors the opportunity to engage in an exciting and attractive experience.

In addition to the artworks from the modern Greek art collection, the exhibition included a wide array of exhibits and productions of the Gallery (archival material, digital reproductions, children’s art, videos, interactive CD-ROMs, personal items, and representative examples of the range of Evangelos Averoff’s collecting activity, including works of ancient Greek, Byzantine, and folk art), as well as works by acclaimed contemporary artists produced especially for the 20th anniversary of the Averoff Gallery.

Inaugurated by the Minister of Culture Mr. Antonis Samaras.
Duration: 30 March – 10 Μay 2009
Exhibition Curator: Dr Olga Mentzafou- Polyzou
Sponsors: Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation, Katogi & Strofilia S.A., SONY, ALAPIS, G. Karavias & Partners - Art Insurance