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Pericles Pantazis 1849–1884


A lavish large-format monography dedicated to the Belgium-based Greek painter Pericles Pantazis, who assimilated the transformative trends of his time and went on to become a preeminent figure in nineteenth-century art. Colour reproductions of 182 of the artist’s works, today in museums and private collections around the world; an extensive list of works; essays by Serge Goyens de Heusch: “A Greek artist in Belgium: Pericles Pantazis – His Life and Work; Olga Mentzafou-Polyzou: “The presence of Pantazis in Greece. First remarks”; and Stefanos Samaras: “Pericles Pantazis: A destiny that was not fulfilled”.

242 pages, 29x24 cm, hard cover, separate ediotn Greek/french, ISBN: 960-85143-7-1 / ISBN: 960-85143-8-Χ., Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation 1995.