Conference proceedings

Fear in Art and Life


Proceedings of the conference organised by the E. Averoff Art Gallery and held in Metsovo on June 30, and July 1–2, 2006. Speakers: Stelios Virvidakis, Professor of Philosophy, University of Athens: “Fear and philosophers”; Petros Polychronis, child psychiatrist, Director, Athenian Institute of Anthropos: “Scarecrows and ghosts”; Aikaterini Polymerou-Kamilaki, Director, Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens; Evangelos Karamanes, Researcher, Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens: “Fear: perceptions, practices, and objects”; Dr Angeliki Kottaridi, archaeologist: “The face of fear in Greek mythology and art”; Maria Vassilaki, Associate Professor of Byzantine Art, University of Thessaly: “Depictions of Fear in Byzantine Art”; Nico de Oliveira, author, Museum of Installation, London: “In the realm of anxiety”; Christos Boulotis, archaeologist, author, Academy of Athens (ΚΕΑ): “Abolishing fear – a personal account”; Nicholas Haeffner, Professor of Communication, London Metropolitan University: “Fear itself: a post-psychoanalytic approach to cinematic anxiety”.
Round-Table discussion: “Fear at the dawn of the twenty-first century.” Panel: Lena Divani, writer, Associate Professor of Foreign Policy History, Athens Law School; Nikolaos Zilikis, Professor of Psychiatry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Stavros Theodorakis, journalist, Star channel and Ta Nea newspaper; Marilena Koppa, Professor of Comparative Political Analysis, Panteion University of Athens; Kostis Papaioannou, educator, Vice-president of the National Human Rights Commission; Ioannis Petrou, Professor of Sociology and Ethics, Department of Theology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Manolis Charos, artist.

202 pages, 17x24 cm, paperback, ISBN: 978-960-7694-17-1, Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation, 2007
SPONSOR: National Bank of Greece