Conference proceedings

Facets of Creativity


Proceedings of the conference organised by the E. Averoff Art Gallery and held in Metsovo on October 2–3, 2004 on “Exploring the nature of the creative process and the factors that influence an artist’s creative expression and art in general.” Central theme of the conference: The exploration of the nature of the creative process, the factors that influence the creative expression of the individual artist and the course of art in general.Speakers: Irini Orati (art historian), Andreas Ioannides (art historian, National Gallery, Athens), Ilias Kouvelas (prof. of physiology, Univ. of Patras), Athanassios Tzavaras (psychiatrist, prof Univ. of Athens).
Roundtable: Nikos Alexiou (artist), Manolis Zacharioudakis (artist), Anna Palieraki (artist-educator), Giorgos Rorris (painter), Manolis Charos (painter-printmaker).
Moderator: Nikos Xydakis (art critic).

112 pages, 17x24 cm, paperback, ISBN: 960-7694-15-5, Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation, 2005
SPONSOR: Katogi 7 Strofilia SA.