SPERANTZAS Vassilis (1938) “Women on a Balcony”, 1994

Women on a Balcony (1994)

In Sperantzas` work, the events of daily life are transformed by an almost childish innocence into pure pleasure. Scenes and experiences come to life in a space that is magical and full of symbols. The dominant element is the plasticity of the forms and the intense, sensual, anti-realistic color. Human figures in a room, erotic and lustful, portrayed among a host of objects. His is a fantasy world of symbols, childhood memories, events in life – birth, love, marriage – reference analogous images by leading painters, whom the artist cites with affection: Picasso, Miro, and Chagall. In addition, the large startled eyes that characterize these figures, their stylization, and the simplistic ornamentation of the female body recall the popular color lithographs that at one time flooded Greece. His work exudes nostalgia for a world that is now history. Sperantzas` creative process does not adhere to aesthetics and complex intellectual theories or to a tired avant-garde. Instead, it clearly expresses the rich inner world of a Greek, who for many years was reared far from his homeland and survived thanks to the recollections of his childhood neighborhood.