DIVARIS Giorgos (1956) “Untitled”, 2002

Untitled (2002)

The definitive feature in Giorgos Divaris` art is his use of heteroclectic, worn, abject materials. Although the deterioration of the materials testifies to the notion of time and the marks of the burden they have born, in the artist`s compositions it plays the dominant role, which probably has to do with formal emphasis he gives them in the composition. The foundation support of the work is sheet metal. Its refined, polished finish creates reflections, strengthens the base, and provides illumination and an unchecked shimmer that energizes the other materials. Small, strategically placed, shiny screws attach the manipulated photograph, the blue pipe, the car radiator, the melted plastic, and the sign-letter A. Giorgos Divaris probes the essence of matter, elevating vulgar, abject objects to the poetry of daily life based on the notion that they have charged associations as well as a share in the joy of the creative process.