LEMBESIS Polychronis (1849-1913) “The Girl with the Pigeons”

The Girl with the Pigeons

This painting must have been made sometime during 1879, the artist`s last year in Munich, a conclusion based on comparisons with another painting, `Rabbits`, that he dated and is in the National Gallery. Another factor leading to this dating is that a similar painting was made by Adolf Echtler, a painter and fellow student of Lembesis` at the Munich Academy, which was exhibited the same year in the Glaspalast Exhibition with the title `Remembrance of Venice`. The fact that the same theme was repeated by various painters should not come as a surprise, because artists often undertake a familiar theme as vehicle for exercising their skills in composition or color. The way in which the color is handled corroborates this opinion. The carefully placed planes of color with the smooth tonal transitions that we see in `Rabbits` become loose, broad, spontaneously applied brushstrokes in `The Girl with Pigeons`. This strategy became established practice in Lembesis` work following his return to Greece.