IAKOVIDES Georgios (1853-1932) “The First Steps”

The First Steps

One of Georgios Iakovides` most important paintings, `The First Steps` must have been executed around 1889. This period marked a major turn in the artist`s painting towards a stylized depiction of the subject with light playing the major role, in adherence with the trend that emerged in Germany in the late 19th century. If one compares it to the homonymous work in the National Gallery, one sees the extent of these changes; the Averoff painting timidly attempts changes that will take a more definite direction in the following decade. The light that permeates the room is diffused throughout the space, giving a special glow to the places where it falls – the baby, the girl’s head and hands – and deleting the contours. On the other hand, the chiaroscuro precisely models the details of the faces, the clothing and the furniture. This move eventually led Iakovides into a freer, more luminous painting style, connecting him to the most progressive painters in Germany – the so-called German Impressionists.