PANTAZIS Pericles (1849-1884) “The Estuaries of the River Escaut”

The Estuaries of the River Escaut

A series of paintings made by Pantazis around Brussels, on the banks of the Lesse, Meuse, and Escaut Rivers and surrounding areas demonstrates how the artist percieved the depiction of the landscape as an on-the-spot rendering of an ongoing occurrence in nature, which is manifested through the autheticity of the color, the variegations of light, and the subjection to perpetual motion and flux. In `The Estuaries of the River Escaut,` the moving glints of light on the overcast Northern sky perforate the golden clouds and are reflected on the surface of the river, coloring that gold as well. He attempts to render the flux of the landscape, using thick strokes of glowing color in the clouds and water, while the dark green of the trees has turned nearly brown in the warmth of the light.