VYZANTIOS Pericles (1893-1972) “The Atelier”

The Atelier

When he returned from Paris in 1915 to serve in the army, a military term that lasted seven years, Pericles Vyzantios, found that a different approach to modernism had taken root in Athens. Here, the main concern was the rendering of the Greek countryside bathed in bright light while still adhering to the principles of the Post-Impressionist movements, which nearly all the artists of that day had encountered in Paris. Thus, after setting up his studio in the Plaka district, where he remained for eight years (1920-1928), he created a series of paintings where the landscape occupied a special place. The representation of this place, where the artist group `Atelier` was born, was the fruit of a fertile union of his Paris experiences and his studies of the Greek countryside. The schematized forms organized into bands in the pictorial plane continue to be present, but the paint has acquired a material consistency through its application in broad, laden brushstrokes. Despite the lyrical hues that may indicate the sunset hour, the intensity of the color recalls the special quality of light in paintings by the Nabis.