ROILOS Georgios (1867-1928) “Town”

A painter with an interesting and extensive range of subject matter, Georgios Roilos, despite his academic training, was concerned with depicting the landscape during the early 20th century, as were most Greek artists. His many trips to Europe broadened his horizons and led him to a personal exploration of nature characterized by daring coloration and a synthetic perception that allied […]
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ROILOS George (1867-1928) “The Battle of Pharsalus”, before 1901

The Battle of Pharsalus (before 1901)
`The Battle of Pharsalus` together with two other paintings by Roilos, `Gentzelia` and `Deleria,` form a trilogy with which the artist portrayed the (unfortunate for the Greeks) war of 1897, according to the new approach to depicting historical scenes that prevailed since the 19th century. By this time, the inspiration of the classical ideals of Greco-Roman-era painting had ceased to […]
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