PANTAZIS Pericles (1849-1884) “Still Life with Woman”

Still Life with Woman

Pericles Pantazis` adoption of new approaches led him early on to new compositional formats in which the human figure played the dominant role. Through this new style brought by realism, which combines the grandeur of human existence with the poetry of simple daily things, he inserts the human figure into the still life as an equal and substantive presence. Although some works contain images of children with a strong genre aspect, in `Preparations for a Celebration,` he removes all anecdotal intention with the presence of the female figure, which he simply places at the edge of the table, serious and majestic, carrying out her domestic chores. In contrast to the complex arrangement of goods he piles on the table (game, lobster, vegetables, ham), the artist prefers to place the woman in a tranquil, unstudied pose. Thus, he extols the grandeur of everyday activity, further emphasizing this with the monochrome planes with which he renders her sturdy body. Pantazis exhibited this painting at the 1878 Paris World`s Fair.