BOTSOGLOU Chronis (1941) “Self-Portrait”, 1993

Self-Portrait (1993)

Chronis Botsoglou`s painting has evolved as an ongoing dialogue between himself and the people around him. It began with his first realistic images in the late 60s, with their clearly sociopolitical character, and has continued in recent years his anguished internal quest to redefine the nude, be it male or female. Whether endeavoring self-knowledge when it concerns him personally or attempting communication and acceptance when it concerns his model, his `Images of the body` are conveyed to the canvas with the requisite respect; tension and passion never dilute the unity of the image. On the contrary, he employs a lyrical theatricality to reestablish the position of the body in the space as integral and complete with the emotional charge that his knowledge and familiarity is able to give it.