PANIARAS Kostas (1934-2014) “Seascape”, 1991

Seascape (1991)

he source of inspiration for Paniaras is the Gulf of Corinth, on whose shores he lived, experiencing it and considering it his home. The sea, the open horizon, the surrounding nature, along with the remnants of a great civilization (ruins or museum objects), whose precepts have been lost in the recesses of time pass nostalgically through his work. With rhythmic, pulsating, strongly contrasting primary colors – red and blue, combined with white and black and occasionally gold or silver – he conveys on the canvas whatever his gaze has embraced and his memory has resuscitated, such as the purple dawn on the Corinthian coast and the silvery nights on mountains of Sicyon. These are lived experiences free of any commentary, efforts to `decipher an ongoing vision` that recurs daily before our eyes yet is different each time. After having totally conquered the picture plane, Paniaras proceeded to reshape it, creating folds in the canvas itself where the play of light and shadow now yields the range of iridescence in the primary colors he uses. When he moves into three dimensions, the same principles and experiences, with their constant alternations and symmetries, evoke a feeling of inner harmony and unity.