Puzzles of Paintings from the Averoff Museum

Mini-puzzles, 54 pieces each. The popular assembling game, ideal for exercising children’s observational skills and awareness of color, shading, and brushwork.
Paintings from the Museum available in puzzle form are:

  1. Konstantinos Volonakis (1837-1904): “Volos Harbor”
  2. Nikos Xydias (1826-1909): “Still Life with Fruit”
  3. Pericles Pantazis (1849-1884): “Still Life with a Woman”
  4. Emilios Prosalentis (1859-1926): “Battle Ships”
  5. Constantinos Maleas (1879-1928): “Naxos”
  6. Michalis Ikonomou (1888-1933): “The House that Dreams”
  7. Pericles Vyzantios (1893-1972): “The Atelier”
  8. Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas (1906-1994): “Man at Rest”


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