PROSALENTIS Pavlos (1867-1894) “Portrait of Georgios Averoff”, 1888

Portrait of Georgios Averoff (1888)

Pavlos Prosalentis the 2nd, son of the painter Spyridon Prosalentis, studied in Athens before going on to Naples and a brief stay in Corfu, to finally settle in Alexandria, Egypt, where he made most of his paintings. Among other themes, portraiture occupied an important place in his artistic production, particularly the depiction of personalities of Greek descent. This full-length portrait of Georgios Averoff was rendered from a photograph of the national benefactor that seems to have been widely known, since was published in magazines of the day. It was also the reference for the portrait painted eight years later by a young Konstantinos Parthenis. The painting belonged to the Averoff Gymnasium of Alexandria, which donated it to Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza for the Museum in Metsovo when the Egyptian institution closed.