TSOKOS Dionysis (1820-1962) “Portrait of Avgerinos M. Averoff”

Portrait of Avgerinos M. Averoff

After he returned to Greece in 1847, Tsokos settled in Athens, where he worked almost exclusively on the portraits of prominent personalities in the newly emerging urban Greek society. This portrait depicts Avgerinos Averoff, brother of the great benefactor Georgios Averoff, and a parliamentarian throughout a series of years (1850-1875). Both the age of the sitter as well as the way his figure is handled prove that the picture must be among the artist`s last endeavors. Tsokos worked within the precincts of academic realism – the formal pose of the figure, somber colors and precise drawing – to render the personality with in a tranquil yet self-confident gaze. Nonetheless, his use of hues warmer than those in his earlier work and his avoidance of harsh contrasts in the rendering of details give the portrait a lyrical and sentimental air.