DOUKAS Ioannis (1838-1916) “Portrait of Amalia Lanterer-Averoff”

Portrait of Amalia Lanterer-Averoff

A widely exhibited painter in Greece and abroad, Ioannis Doukas dedicated an important part of his artistic activity to portraiture during the second half of the 19th century. The portrait of Amalia Lanterer-Averoff, daughter of Xaverios Lanterer, a Bavarian professor of chemistry at the Athens University, and wife of Mihail Averoff, grandfather of the Museum`s founder, must have been painted in 1879 or shortly before. We conclude this from a reference in the newspaper `Efimeris` on 22 June 1879, which praises the portrait of Mrs. Averoff when it was exhibited in the Nakis bookshop. The picture, it reports, `reproduces the lovely character and the liveliness of the person through a bright, warm palette. Passersby stand before this picture, admiring the likeness as well as the vivacity. Mr. Doukas has the ability to cast his pigments with a sure paintbrush, to render a soft aspect to the background of the picture without depriving the figure of its luminosity, and to contain all the movements of life in a single moment.`