KOGEVINAS Lykourgos (1887-1940) “Parthenon”

For at least the first three decades of the 20th century, Lykourgos Kogevinas divided his time between Athens and Paris. He was one of the first Greek artists to realize the significance of the cosmogonic changes taking place in art and the effect they would have on the course of Greek painting. Although he himself never took bold decisions in his work, he nevertheless played a leading role in the founding of `Techni` group in 1917, which represented all that was avant-garde in the Greek visual arts. He persistently tried to impose the presence of Parthenis on the Athens art scene, considering him the most innovative Greek painter. In `Parthenon`, the schematized planes and placement of the trees in the foreground, which blocks the escape to the background and brings all the pictorial elements to the foreground, testifies to the effect on him by the Post-Impressionists in Paris.